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Welcome to Yüksel CAN’s Law office

We’re proud that our law firm offers top-notch legal services for a nationwide affordable pricing! With us you’ll never feel like the lawyers are just robbers in suits, besides, we win 98% of all cases. So with us, your chances of winning are as high as they possibly can be!

Why we?

Any Litigation

It’s very hard to name a civil litigation field where our expertise is absent from. Starting with Labor & Employment laws, insurance & personal injuries fields for helping the individuals and finishing with the real estate law, divorce and child custody laws, we have it all covered…

Winning Streak

Our track record is higher than that of the best MLB pitchers! We’ve got an amazing percentgae of won cases, with the mark standing now at over 99%… But these kinds of results were made possible only thanks to our due diligence, timely efforts and an incredible range of legal wit!

Timely Work

Working with a lot of civil litigation allows us to make some considerable timing shortcuts. That means that while we never compromise for an attention to case’s details, we also never waste your time idly! Winning ahead of the schedule is our signature move!

Affordable Help

On par with such a client-friendly pace of work, we also have another uncompromised advantage – namely, our reasonable pricing! Keeping in mind that most of our clients are individuals and not businesses – we keep our fees low!

Our Legal Practice Areas:

Boşanma; Anlaşmalı veya çekişmeli boşanma davalarınız için davacı veya davalı vekilliği. Boşanmaya bağlı haklar Nafaka, tazminat, velayet, babalık, nesebin reddi, malpaylaşımı, katkı payı, malrejiminin değiştirilmesi.

Veraset ilamı (mirascılık belgesi) çıkarılması, ölenin malvarlığının araştırılması, mirascılar arasında, mirasın taksimi, miras payının devri, miras payından feragat anlaşmalarının, Vasiyetname ve diger ölüme bağlı tasarrufların

Türkiyedeki taşınmazlarınızın alım, satım, kamulaştırma, imar, kiralama gibi işlemlerinden doğan hertürlü dava ve işlemlerden dolayı vekillik. Sözleşme ve ihtarname hazırlanması. Kiracılarınızın tahliyesi, ödenmeyen kiraların tahsili

Nüfus müdürlüklerine karşı yaş, isim, soyisim değişikliği ve nüfus kaydında oluşmuş hetrtürlü hatalı kayıtların düzeltilmesi davalarınız için davacı vekilliği. Nüfus müdürlükleri ve bakanlık bünyesinde dava

Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu bünyesinde emeklilik borşlanması, maaş tahsis talepleri vesair hertürlü sorununuzun çüzümünde dava vekilliği ve dava dışı işlemlerin takibi. Emeklilik şartlarının ve borçlanma miktarının

Türkiyede yapmış olduğunuz kazalar nedeniyle uğradığınız maddi ve manevi zararların tazmini için dava vekilliği. Hasar tespit, tercüme işleri ve karşıtarafın sigortasından alınacak hasar bedellerinin tahsil

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See the Testimonials That Our Clients Have Submitted So Far:

As the one who recently suffered from the FELA (Federal Employers’ Liability Act Claims) related issues, I’ve been desperate to find a firm who could have won my case… Then I found these guys! Finally, 3 months later the truth and the law prevailed, all thanks to this firm’s lawyers diligence!

Daniela Robbery

Business litigation has always been what our competitors were using to suppress us… But as soon as we’ve hired this law firm, which by the way had fees 5 times lower than the one our competitors paid to their lawyers, we finally had all the disputes resolved in our favor!

Gary Growles

Some time ago our company has gone through a very harsh merger & acquisition process, which left us felt questioning our business partners. But thanks to this law firm, we were finally able to resolve our situation and take our company back!

Walter Cronkate

Some Of Our Clients

Winning is easier than you think…

Watch this video, where dozens of our former clients tell, how desperate they were to win their respective case and how slim their chances seemed… before hiring us as their lawyers! That’s right, our law firm has the highest wins ratio percentage among all other Houston, Texas legal practices. With us, there’s just no other way but to win!

Distinctive Recognition